Hey, if I could get your help for a moment.

I wanted to start making some Zines. Are there any poems you guys think I should see about using?

I could even use one of you guys’ if you’d like. Would prefer using my own, just ’cause I know it better.

Would be super grateful for your input. : )



My apologies for so few posts in the last while. The oddest thing happened, I took a poetry class for the finishing semester in my Writing and Publishing program, and then I was unable to write anything. It was as if I had fully forgotten how.

I doubt I will be going to postaday right away, or at any point. But, I will be trying to post more consistently again.

I’ve been finding my reservoir of creativity draining. So, I would like to enlist your help, if you are willing.
Please comment with a link to an image, and I will write a posted based on the image.

Thank you,

I would like to address that I tend to make strange grammatical mistakes.
Feel free to comment.

I was in french immersion, and I find it messed up my ability to use words like ‘for’, ‘to’ and all those little words, and I just misplace things.
Of course, sometimes I do it on purpose,
But, feel free to comment. I would like to fix my mistakes.