Simplification of self-validation. Internal disrespect to self in some attempt of humility. Self-abuse defined as motivation.

Acceptance before punishment. Progress is a benefit, but forced discipline marks a wrong path. I keep on tripping. 

Smile. I believe in you. Define the positive, and keep marching.

Random Write: Handshakes are Coming in Cans

Welcome to another random write, where one writes the first words that come to mind, and then sees if there is any sense to be found in the nonsense. I would suggest trying it, very therapeutic

Swift entitlement quivers in picked ginger. Timeless ponders epitomize a quantified parabola. Shifts of sheriffs in highlighter shades. Lemons linger in wonder boxes. If only for the storage, He’d wince at existential purism. Encroach on the roaches that seep only halfway. I’d fly away, if only I had ferocity. Heptagonal interpretation leaves snarks with torches pinned for prosperity. Smile in triangulation. Linger in the laundry-hamper, lifting shifters planning plantation in the cerebral cortex. Shelf life is apocalyptic entropy in labeled pint glasses. Ridicule the titillation. Lumber across open pine-cones. Toes are extraterrestrial combatants. Handshakes are coming in cans. Plurality is melting yeti discrimination. Line up. Shackle the temptation in heretics found in glass elephants. Hero the tribe.