Tomorrow is Not Today

She let the light dim,
let corners be deeper gradient,
leaving just a small spot
where she could see.

Sounds reverberated,
ghostly machines,
that might as well be living,
observing and growling.

Her heart was stuck at one speed:

Time was all overcast,
smelling of sulphur, dust,
and stale adrenaline.

She clung onto long breaths:
a final faculty she still controlled.

Each piece of spine,
she untied.

she lowered her shoulder,
and rose her head.

Tight blinks,
forcing ownership.

The clock struck 1am.
And slowly,
she let everything go black,
so she could see again.

Tomorrow could still be hers.



Off-white walls laze on every side. Spiders have claimed the corners, without threat, creating home.

She slouched into the limp brown cushion of a musky couch. Hazy, her eyes point forward.

A scratch to a cheek, her blinks stick.

In the other room, the floor is covered with lists, charts, action plans, and journals. But, it’s all covered in bits of spilt coffee and grimy dust.

The food in the fridge is on the verge, just barely still edible, and it threatens with stinky screams to no avail.

She slowly sips her coffee.

Fleeing in Defense

Quills ease out his back,

Tired of paranoia
in flickering glances,
he’s grown a defense.

Distance and snaps
from once familiars.

Circling around,
they throw darts.

The quills grown longer.

Hibernation from social.
Loss of social.

For him they had been long gone.
Their glances surprise him
with potency of frustration:
connection only just lost.

He fled.

Past Smiles

Soft soil pressed into prints.
Identity concave.
Spinning, arms outstretched.
Dirt flying in imbued jubilation.

Laughter is swirling zephyrs:
Wind joined in.


Colourless. Noise ridden view.
A blank stare. Film empathy.

Replaying memory until it’s
Undefined noise, flashes of reality.

Snowflakes smell sweet,
Filling the air with tenderness,
falling on covered skin,
Not felt, but seeping.

Deep breaths chill lungs,
chilling of words.

She lifted lips,
and walked on.